Gong Bath CD

          Prompted by many requests from our customers, in the summer of 2009 we entered a recording studio with the objective of distilling on to a CD one of our Individual Gong Bath sessions.

          To produce the best sense of  live-ness,  a  ‘dummy’  was lovingly made and laid out upon our ‘gong bed’   –  with a microphone for each ear!   (binaural recording is the technical term for this!)  and the ‘session’  ran its course.

        The results were pleasing,  and true to our objective the CD contains all the sounds of an individual Gong Bath relaxation session as we facilitate it.  With focused listening, much of the vibrational energy of a ‘live’ session will be felt to be present.

         For those who have already enjoyed a live session with us,  the Gong Bath CD can be a very effective way of re-evoking the good feelings that were experienced.  

        It may also be used to facilitate a first encounter with the arising phenomenon of the Gong Bath.


                Further info…

           The ‘session’ opens with a spoken lead in to the gong bath, this time can  be used as preparation for what is to come.

           Singing bowls then sound ~ these objects of mystery have been used in the East for thousands of years to aid consciousness in being focused and one-pointed.          

          Then comes the gong ~ as well as hearing consciousness speak through the  gentle whisper of gong sounds, you will also hear it through the mighty roar of  the gong being  played without restraint. To us, both are an essential part of the unique gong bath experience we offer.

         The ‘session’ then closes with the ringing of a tingshaw meditation bell.

        For a shorter experience of the gong, track 4 can be used alone to simulate the experience of a Gong Shower.

      The CD comprises of 5 tracks:    1: Spoken Lead In,   2: Singing Bowls,   3: Gong Bath,   4: Gong Shower,   5: Meditation Bell.


                 As well as being available in holistic life / alternative shops around the country the CD can be bought from us directly by mail order.                       

                The price of the Gong Bath CD is £11.95, which includes first class postage. Usually the CD is posted within 24 hours, although there may be a delay of some days in the summer months (mid May to mid September) when we are working at events.

                 Please note postage is to UK only, unless otherwise arranged.

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