Here are some reflections from those who have had a gong bath experience with us…    


“A lovely blissful feeling, thank you”

Robyn, Tagore Festival


“I have never felt as grounded or as high.                                                                                                                  

And to feel both AT THE SAME TIME.                                                                                                                       

It is possible folks!                                                                                                                                                                  

Incredibly deep, beautiful and intense.                                                                                                                         

Time ceases to exist.                                                                                                                                                               

A truly profound experience.”

  Mark, Glastonbury Festival


“For me it was profoundly relaxing; infinitely more so than a massage”

David, Wilderness Festival


“Fantastic experience!  Didn’t want it to end, recommend a gong bath to everyone.”   

   Tess,  The Healing Weekend


“Absolutely phenomenal! I loved every second of it.”

   Helen,  The Healing Weekend

“I will always remember this! I’m glad you told me it might feel overwhelming, as I didn’t expect it would, so it prepared me for the crazy, lovely experience! I loved the vibrations through my body and the sounds increasing all around. It was also lovely to feel that I was held in the most gentle environment. I could not believe there was no orchestra! Thank you for this adventure.”

  Sam,  Buddhafield Festival


“Quite a Journey!

Immensely and beautifully powerful!                                                                                                                            

Potently healing and restorative!                                                                                                                                      

My Buddhafield highlight!                                                                                                                                                

Thank you both so much, I will be back!”

   Karen, Buddhafield Festival


Truly the experience is priceless, I have had a few now, each one very different – to sum it up, gong baths are more mind blowing than anything I’ve ever done. Colin and Olive are immaculate at sensing what is perfect at the time. it’s been really good to help with letting go of things and afterwards I feel able to stand up, connected to the earth in a much clearer way (didn’t realise that there was a lack of clarity until I found the clarity!)
Just amazing.

Gus, Manchester.


“My chest cleared and my whole body relaxed. The louder the sound went the more I let go. A wonderful vibratory experience. Very healing and invigorating.”

   Kerry,  Womad


“Beautiful, amazing … I was the sound wave and I’m still floating a day later!”

   Andy,  Womad


“An intense and euphoric experience which was at once relaxing and stimulating. I walked away feeling positive, with a deep sense of wellbeing and optimism. Extraordinary layers of sound. Thank you for your calm and gentle approach.”

  Phil,  Womad



 “Quite mind blowing yet rejuvenating!”

   Lyndsay,  Out of the Ordinary Festival


“Thank you – felt like ‘coming back home’.”

   Gabby,  Out of the Ordinary Festival


“Every nerve was singing.”

  Deborah,  Womad

  “Very euphoric and intense… lots of emotions… very relaxing… lighter and energised… awake! Senses enlightened ~ floating… Thank you.”

   Elena,  Womad


“Absolutely amazing. Sitting and listening does not do justice to the incredible sound of the gongs. A fabulous end to Green Man. If you’re dubious… do it!”

   Ali, The Green Man Festival


“Thank you Colin & Olive I feel extremely relaxed and ready for a good rest tonight. Will definitely see you again! I can hardly write I’m so relaxed.”

   Coren, Greenbelt


“Thank you so much for the wonderful gong bath at the weekend – I felt amazing and still do. It is quite hard to explain the experience, it’s a totally unique feeling – it’s like being bathed in a warm vibration and I experience it not just through my ears but through my whole body. Afterwards I felt relaxed and emotionally cleansed, like I had been able to release some of the feelings I had been carrying. It was perfect timing for me!”

Sal, Manchester


Too right it’s hard to explain! Words aren’t really enough but I’ll do my best. Its a massage by sound, I could feel the low vibrations through my clothes and skin very clearly, a very pleasant, deep hum. The gongs (many are used at the same time) also produce an amazing range of tones and harmonics similar to singing bowls or overtone chanting that are so interesting and engaging that it’s almost impossible for the mind to chatter leaving a very clear head space both during and after the session. The sound seems to come from everywhere at once but the experience is very centering, I felt totaly relaxed each (3) time but also alert and stimulated. Many thanks Colin and Olive, count me in next time!

Dave, Manchester


 “What an immense experience! I was aware of the expansion of space – the inside of my head became a cathedral of sound – there was so much room. From somewhere I could hear voices, which became clearer as the sound increased in intensity. Whose voices? Fragments of me emerging from the shadows. Beautiful, beckoning voices, and then a great sense of release from my solar plexus.

Now I feel refreshed and connected to the earth.

And hungry!

Thank you Colin and Olive.”

Max, Glastonbury Festival