Summer Festival Tour details for 2023 to be confirmed … 



Summer  Festival  Tour  details  for  2019


Gong Bath Space


Here is our schedule of summer festivals for 2019.

At the larger festivals we will be offering 30 & 60 minute Individual Gong Bath relaxation sessions, and

at the smaller events we will be offering 15 minute Individual Gong Shower relaxation sessions.


Gong Shower Space


We are looking to add more events to our tour, please do check again for updates,

or let us know if you are arranging an event that we may fit well at…


~ News ~

We are very pleased to be rejoining the team with our gong space

at Small World Festival in Kent this year



Summer Festival Tour 2019


* 17 – 19  May,    WOOD FESTIVAL,   in Oxfordshire   ~  

a small family friendly festival celebrating homegrown music, workshops, nature and more,

powered by 100% renewable energy.



* 23 – 27  May,    SMALL WORLD FESTIVAL,   in Kent   ~  

a small and friendly five day festival of creative living and intimate music,

powered by the wind and sun.



* 15 – 16  June,    LEAMINGTON PEACE FESTIVAL,   in Warwickshire   ~  

a unique free festival in town centre park & gardens by the river.



* 26 – 30  June,    GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL,   in Somerset   ~  

mother of them all with the original healing field – speaks for itself.



* 12 – 14  July,    THE HEALING WEEKEND,   in Somerset   ~  

small, totally civilised weekend in the grounds of a wildlife sanctuary.



* 17 – 21  July,    BUDDHAFIELD FESTIVAL,   in Somerset   ~  

a small and friendly drink and drug free festival based in Buddhism, but embracing many different

ways of conscious living.  As well as the usual festival features of music, arts, healing and markets

there is a wide range of workshops, group meditations, talks, rituals etc,

all in a beautiful venue in the Blackdown Hills.



* 25 – 28  July,    W.O.M.A.D.,   in Wiltshire   ~  

many textured world music festival with wonderful arboretum wellbeing area.



* 1 – 4  August,    WILDERNESS FESTIVAL,   in Oxfordshire   ~  

celebration of arts and the outdoors in a beautiful countryside location which encompasses lakes and ancient woodland.



* 15 – 18  August,   THE GREEN MAN FESTIVAL,   in Wales   ~  

popular (usually sells out!) medium sized festival of music and the arts in the stunning setting of Glanusk Park in the

Brecon Beacons – manicured gardens in the foreground with rugged welsh mountains as the backdrop.



* 23 – 26  August,    INTO THE WILD SUMMER FESTIVAL,   in Sussex   ~  

a multi textured alcohol and drug free festival in a beautiful wild location in easy reach of London.



* 29  August – 1  September,    SANTOSA YOGA CAMP,  in Somerset   ~  

a small and intimate celebration of yoga and coming together as a community

in a lovely rural location not far from Glastonbury.